Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where I write

I love writing and covering as many different topics as possible. I don't want to be just a news writer, or sports reporter, at the moment. I want to explore as many different mediums as possible.

Not only does it keep my interest, but I think it helps me as a writer.

Here is a look at where I currently write and the publications I used to.

Where I currently write:
Fremont News-Messenger/Port Clinton News Herald, (correspondent, began in March 2010)
I interviewed for a position with the Gannett-owned newspapers in March. I cover mostly event-based meetings and features. I already had one centerpiece on an Easter Egg Roll at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center.

Toledo Free Press, (reporter, began in May 2010):
I was recently hired as a sports writer in charge of everything Bowling Green and Bowling Green State University regarding sports.

Sport Informant, (reporter, began in November 2008):
An online, amateur publication, I cover Major League Baseball.

I just wrote this story on why Roy Oswalt will be hard to trade and the phenom that is Stephen Strasburg

Where I previously wrote:
The BG News (reporter, special sections editor, senior reporter August 2007-May 2010):
My home for the latter part of my collegiate career, this was a great place in both honing my journalism skills and meeting some people inspiring me to become a better overall person.

Even though our archives only date back to 2010, some of my best stories are listed, including a story on BGSU gold-medalist Dave Wottle, a story investigating black baseball players and a tribute story to former student Mark Gillfillan.

The Obsidian (columnist, copy editor August 2008-May 2010):
BGSU's cultural diversity publication taught me to include myself in topics I would normally not. I wrote stories on Cesar Chavez, a gun shooting in Oakland that pitted races against one another and the demise of Tiger Woods.

Northwest Ohio Comedy (creator, January-May 2010):
This was the first blog site I created. It helped me get familiar with interactivity and posting in the blogosphere.

The Rochester Insider (reporter, May-August 2008):

Like an entertainment or city paper, I would do smaller features. My favorites included finding the most handicap-accessible night clubs in the city and a feature on various Buffalo Bills players and what music they listen to prior to games.

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