Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm ready for "Rounders"

One of my favorite movies reloaded its chips and is ready to ante up again.

"Rounders", a movie chronicling the lives of underground poker players and venues, "plans" to have another installment, according to screenwriters Brian Koppelman and David Levien.

Actors/poker players Matt Damon and Edward Norton would also return if the story is accurate.

Not widely popular shortly after its 1998 release, "Rounders" is a cult-type movie appeasing a certain fan base. But after 2003's poker boom and the widely popular World Series of Poker on national television, poker players look to "Rounders" as the Messiah of poker movies.

"Rounders" is so popular because the movie depicts real world poker situations much more accurately than other movies. Damon and Norton travel from Binghamton, N.Y to play a club filled with "good ol' boys" to starting a personal Cold War on the green felt with KGB.

Damon, who portrays signs of addiction, shows what a gambler stands to lose. He feuds with Norton, his best friend, almost breaks up with his girlfriend and almost strains the relationship between him and his favorite professor, who pays his buy-in for the final game.

Hopefully, fans get a sequel. But we'll always have the original.

Here is one of my favorite scenes from the end of the movie starring Damon and John Malkovich.

*Spoiler Warning*

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  1. How did I never know that Matt Damon and Ed Norton were in a movie together? A+.

  2. If you haven't seen it, it's a real good movie. I think nonpoker fans would enjoy it. The whole movie is on youtube.