Sunday, June 13, 2010

Journalist starts his new life

I've known about June 14 for two weeks now.

At first I couldn't wait for the day to come. But as the gap shortened between then and tomorrow, I've been nervous.

You see, I was hired by the Sandusky Register prior to Memorial Day. The daily newspaper is an independently owned publication and serves the Sandusky, Ohio, area. My beat, or the area I will cover, is Erie County.

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I will be forever grateful the powers to be at the Register chose me over many qualified candidates, including a reporter who has four years experience at a daily newspaper in Indiana.

I've always been a dedicated reporter. Whether it's been writing for three-plus years at The BG News, freelancing at Fremont-News Messenger/Port Clinton News Herald, interning at the Rochester Insider or writing for other publications such as the Toledo Free Press or Sport Informant, I've always maintained my integrity and given 100 percent.

I've never been more nervous, and possibly anxious, to begin this job. I can't fail. I told my employers that I would work hard and be willing to put the time in necessary to become a great journalist. I don't believe I am at the moment.

So I'm going to do what I have done in the past: Work hard, get the facts right and always willing to learn and listen from colleagues and superiors.

Wish me luck.


  1. You'll be fine, you have grown so much by working with the BG News that I'm sure you can succeed anywhere.


  2. Congrats, Andy! Are you moving to Sandusky or commuting?

  3. "Being deeply learned and skilled, being well trained and using well spoken words; this is good luck." As spoken by Buddha.

    Or, for a more journalistic approach: "Good night, and good luck." As spoken by Edward R. Murrow.

    I know you're going to be fantastic. Congratulations Andy.

  4. Do it up and do it well my man. I'm sure you will be fine. News may not have been for me, but I know you will do it well. Good luck to you my man.

  5. Good luck on your first day! You'll be fabulous. Don't sweat it.

  6. Thanks everyone for the wishes and nice thoughts! Love you all. First day was today and I had a blast. Hope they are all good!

    Yes, I'll eventually move to Sandusky, but staying BG for the summer.